Top Tree Removal In Tulsa Oklahoma

Kelley Tree Experts is located in Tulsa OK which is northeast of Oklahoma City. For well over three decades, our tree service company has been providing trustworthy tree removal services to the folks of Tulsa and the surrounding area. Many tree removal companies have come and gone but Kelley Tree Experts has continued to thrive by providing honest and high quality work. If your home or business needs annual tree trimming services, tree removal or stump removal from the property, you can depend on the experienced, friendly and certified tree arborists of Kelley Tree Experts.

The weather around Tulsa certainly varies with those winter temperatures dipping into freezing territory and the summers getting fairly hot and humid. The spring rains often lead to considerable foliage growth and plenty of budding leaves as we head into summer. As the trees receive plenty of rain water, branches can grow quickly and require professional tree trimming. If trees are not properly trimmed by then they could become overgrown resulting in weakened or even dead branches. These branches can which may break off when stressed by heavy winds, ice or snow and cause damage if they break off. Depending on the extent of the tree’s damage, the only conclusion may be tree removal.

There are many species of trees in Tulsa including oak trees, pine trees, maple trees and, Oklahoma’s state tree, the redbud. All bloom in variety of amazing colors and patterns. We always prefer to keep a tree healthy by ensuring its branches are cut appropriately. When you use a professional tree trimming company like Kelley Tree Experts, you will be on your way to having vibrant trees complementing your property. If you have not used a quality tree trimmer and you need your tree removed, contact us to receive reliable tree removal services. If you must have tree removal in Tulsa OK give us a call at (phone number).

When you use a tree service company in Tulsa OK, make sure they have plenty of positive feedback from clients and a history of high-quality work as well as have the appropriate licenses and insurance. At Kelley Tree Experts, we are well-insured so you can feel protected when our crew is working on your property.

By emphasizing the importance of customer service and safety, we are confident that you will be satisfied with our work. In fact, we will not consider the job complete until you are completely satisfied with our tree removal, tree trimming or stump removal services and, at that point, we will bill you for our services.

Here is what sets Kelley Tree Experts apart from other companies:

  • Customer Satisfaction – Your satisfaction is guaranteed; the job is not done until you are happy with the results.
  • Safety – Our equipment is operated by highly-trained professionals and we come to each job fully insured. Safety is our number one priority.
  • Honest Estimates – We will not surprise you with additional charges; our quote is what you can expect to pay upon completion.
  • Insured and Licensed – We are fully licensed, insured and bonded in the state of Oklahoma.

The Tree Removal Process:

After you contact Kelley Tree Experts to schedule an appointment, we will come out to your home or business and take a look at the tree that needs to be removed. Prior to leaving, we will provide you with a written estimate of the work. Not many people know this but stump removal is considered a separate job. We can provide an estimate for this service as well but we want to be upfront and honest that these are two different jobs requiring two different sets of equipment, tools and skills.

Rarely will the tree removal process take more than one day but, when we take a look at the tree that needs removed, we should be able to give you a solid estimate on the timeframe to complete the job.

Learn more about our tree removal services and schedule an appointment. Call us at (918) 276-2014

The owner of Kelley Tree Experts is very involved with the company and ensures each employee goes through a rigorous training program and receives the level of education needed to meet the expectations set by our organization. As a family owned and operated tree service company in Tulsa, we have formed longstanding relationships with our customers who have referred us to their friends and family. Whether you are a new customer or have been using our services for decades, you can expect that we will perform each job to our best ability.

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